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SpaceNK Beauty Brushes

[productsamples/affiliate] Got to say – the new own brand SpaceNK make up brushes are very, very lovely and surprisingly reasonably priced. Brushes are one area where usually the more you pay, the better you get, but with animal hair brushes now falling out of favour, synthetics have upped their game significantly and the pricing levels have evened out somewhat.

SpaceNK Beauty Brushes

My brushes are still wet from dunking them in a jar with roses! But it does nicely show that the handles are a grippy matte material which contributes well to a solid hand feel and easy positioning. As you can see, everything is covered off in the collection so I’ve picked out my favourite three.

SpaceNK Beauty Brushes

102 is my ideal foundation brush – I like a dense, almost stippling style of brush to apply base rather than the more painterly type. I have never felt that painting on foundation gives a natural finish and prefer the rigidity of a smaller, squatter style that really buffs the coverage over the skin. It’s £24 and has gone straight into my brush jar. I like that 301 can double as a concealer brush or an eye shadow brush but imagine absent-mindedly concealing under your eyes after applying a dark eye-shadow! Best to save for either/or and in my case, I’m using it as an eye shadow brush. The bristles are dense enough to pick up a decent product amount but flexible enough to give a lovely, even sweep across the lids. It’s £14 and I think that’s very reasonable. Finally, 305, with a slightly domed tip, is great for blending above the socket line with either lid shade or a darker, contrasting colour. Easy-peasy with this brush – I’ve also used it to do a full lid and it works perfectly well for that, too. It’s £12. You can find all the brushes HERE.

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